Type: Bike
Distance: 30.13 miles
Time: 1:28
Average pace: 20.54 mph
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm

Busy athletic day — played golf in the a.m. with Brian Wagstaff, Steve Atwood, and Troy Sample. Hit my driver really well today but within about 50 yards of the green, had some trouble. It was a ton of fun. So, I had to ride this afternoon. I started my ride at 4:00 p.m. and wow, was it hot.

Great ride. Went out on the Mavic Ksyrium SL’s and loved them. I put some sweet Michelin Pro Race 3’s on them and wow, they are quick. I went ahead and put 140 psi in them. I felt fast. The average speed was with a pretty stiff wind. Loved the Mavics…

It was super hot out there too. I could have taken three bottles of water and would have still run out. It was almost oppressive when I stopped for lights and stop signs.

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