Decided to take a rest day today. I woke up at 6:00 with the option to workout if I felt good or to sleep in if I didn’t. I actually debated workout out, but decided that I will ride tomorrow morning instead of taking a rest day. I think this will workout better.

I watched the TdF time trials after my run last night. Lance looked great of course. That guy can ride a time trial like nobody I have ever seen. Take into account that he has been riding for more than 70 hours over the last two and a half weeks, and really it is amazing the speeds the riders can handle. Contador of course looked stellar. I thought it was interesting how Phil Liggett, the commentator who does the TdF, talked about how Contador didn’t really ride for his team over the last couple of stages. Now everyone thinks that, but for Liggett to day it out loud was fantastic.

One of Lance’s posts to his Facebook account on Tuesday talked about an announcement that would be made on Thursday of a team with an American sponsor that would feature him. I still haven’t seen anything on the announcement, but will keep you in the loop as I know anything.

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