Type: Run
Distance: 4.07 miles
Time: 35:44
Average pace: 8:46 m/min
Average Heart Rate: 151 bpm

Got off of the plane in SLC from San Diego and came home. Props to Delta Airlines who treat their Silver Medallion Frequent Fliers like gold — I got bumped to 1st Class on both the way out and back because I am a Silver Medallion Member. I was home about 10 minutes and had to go pick up my bike from Shay as he grabbed it at the shop for me today (thanks pal). I got it home and Karen asked me, “How’s the girlfriend?” She and I kid a lot about the fact that I spend so much time with my bike. I told her, “Quiet and fast, just how I like ’em.” Man I love my wife who is excited and supportive of my tri habit.

After that, I went out for my run. I should have run this morning in San Diego, but I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed to do it this morning. It was really windy though, a fact that I did not realize until I turned around into the wind to come home. On the way out I thought I was superman and kept holding back so I wouldn’t die on the way back. I need to start lengthening my runs now.

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I have been participating in running and triathlons for 10 years and love the feeling that training provides. You may not agree with me, but you know you just can't look away...