07.28.10 — Interesting Ride

Type: Ride with my Brother
Distance: 22.25 miles
Time: 1:21:30
Average Watts: 175 watts
Normative Power: 207 watts
Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm
Total Work: 774 kJ
Average Speed: 18.2 mph

One thing I have failed to tell you people about in the blogsphere is that my brother Jake joined the Army and I am dang proud if him for it. Don’t ask me about the details, but I do know he has the opportunity to try out to become an Army Ranger once he finishes his Basic and Specialist Trainings. Gone are the days when I can beat him down. I have to get a couple of more beat-downs in before he leaves.

So he needs to get into shape, not just Army shape by more importantly into Ranger shape (and no, round is not a shape). He and I have started working out in my backyard using plyo boxes, hurdles, an agility ladder, kettle bells, and a brand new bike for him. That’s right, he got a new bike to help him get into shape.

We workout in the backyard using complex movements. We have focused so far on leg and core strength. We follow every workout up with at least a 30-40 minute bike ride of various intensities. I am using the bike to strengthen his connective tissues in his knees so he can handle the rigors of running, and lots of it. So we follow a pretty solid schedule on the bike of intervals, easy rides, hill climbs, and hard steady state rides. These distances are in addition to what I do either with my crew or solo in the a.m.

I decided to test the kid this afternoon. We did our normal workout and then I took him on the loop that my friends and I usually will do at least once a week. It has it all — a couple of really steep climbs, an nice long climb, and a great downhill. It is a rough ride that you really have to be mentally tough for. Here is the map:

He did really well on what I would consider as his first test. He got his first flat today, and then I had my first wreck — that’s right, my first wreck…and will fill you in on it tomorrow morning. Everyone is alright, and I fell underneath my Cervelo to protect it. But it was unbelievable and didn’t need to happen.

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