Type: Bike
Distance: 24.28 miles
Time: 1:16
Average pace: 19.00 mph
Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm

Got back from Trek late Friday night. It was a fantastic experience where we walked about 26 miles. Of course I am counting that towards my totals! Saturday rolled around and I was worked. I did not have even 10 miles on the bike in me. I guess that means IU am getting old!

Sunday is of course a rest day, so I called Shay and he decided to ride with me this morning. I am not sure what happened, but we both struggled on the front end of this ride. AT about mile 8, a Great Dane was loose at one of the farms we pass. I looked over and the dog and I saw each other at the same time and he began to give chase. Luckily, Shay was behind me so I knew all I had to do was ride faster than he did! The dog had no bad intentions because he ran next to Shay for about 50 yards. I think Shay about had a heart attack.

Then we were at about mile 12 and there is a road crossing for the Jordan River Trail. A long boarder and his dog came out from behind a large willow bush (meaning we couldn’t see him until he was in the street) and Shay and I both came about two feet from hitting the guy. He was actually pretty cool about it and apologized, but man they need to be careful. He almost got run over by a couple of bikers. How embarrassing would that story be to tell your friends? Owned by a couple of dudes in spandex…

The rest of this week will be pretty light. I have the ULCER on Saturday, which is 111 miles. That should prove to be a good test of my fitness levels for the Ironman. I am excited to say the least.

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