Type: Bike
Distance: 26.03 miles
Time: 1:22
Average pace: 19.01 mph
Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm

For whatever reason, today’s ride was much easier than yesterdays. We took the exact same route both days except we added a mile and change to the end of today’s ride. There were no dogs or long boarders to contend with. It was just a nice, peaceful ride today. We did see no less than five police cruisers, which is a ton. I thought that someone had escaped the local jail or something. Nothing on the news about it, so I think I just got lucky today.

The latest news from the world of cycling is that Mikel Astarloza reportedly tested positive for the banned substance EPO in a urine sample what was taken right before the TdF. You can read the article here. He of course declases his innocence, but so did Floyd Landis, the American who won the TdF right after Lance had retired in 2006. So, who knows if Astarloza is innocent or not, but it sure was nice to see a TdF that was ALMOST clean this year. I know it is a pipe dream that may never be realized, but I would love to see a TdF without the use of drugs sometime in my lifetime.

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