Type: Bike
Distance: 23.92 miles
Time: 1:12
Average pace: 19.80 mph
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm

Great interval ride with Brady and Juston. There was one mile where Brady held it at almost 29 mph for the entire distance. It was unreal and I was following him. He was the one who was doing most of the work. This was one fast ride and Juston and I had time to plan for the ULCER on Saturday. I think I will enjoy riding with him.

So after my wonderful experiences yesterday, today was quiet. I had several requests to post information on safe riding strategies and I thought I would scour the Internet to find the best guides available. Funny thing about saving time by posting someone else’s work instead of your own is it still takes time to find the other work. So, look for that guide by about the end of the week.

I also talked with Karen today and she agreed we need a tandem so we can ride together. I am so excited by this I can hardly stand it. It will be so fun combining two of the things I really love (Karen and cycling). I hate to sound cliche, but I am really, really excited.

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