Ahh…the rest day comes around from time to time and really lifts your spirits. I have the ULCER ride this weekend, so I get to take today and tomorrow off. The strategic planned rest day can help your body recover from the strain of prolonged training, and just give your mind a break. All hail the rest day!

The best thing about the rest day is your body is still tired from the residual impact of your workouts. You can still take naps and stuff, and all those do is help your body recover even more. The science behind this strategy is proven, so I can claim my naps are strategic. It is a beautiful thing!

On a sad note, a blog I follow is written by the Fat Cyclist. You can find it here. The author, Eldon, lives near me. Instead of just a blog that details his training (like mine), he decided to dedicate his efforts to raising money for the Livestrong Foundation to help combat cancer. He made this transition because his wife contracted cancer and it gave his efforts purpose. People associated with him have raised a ton of cash for the Livestrong Foundation. I think the guy is a great example of what one person can do to change the world.

Sadly, Eldon’s wife Susan passed away last night. How devastating! But I bet one thing — after all the confusion from the funeral and other events, Fatty will redouble his efforts and make even more of an impact. To me, it just seems like that is the kind of guy he is.

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