Type: Bike
Distance: 25.19 miles
Time: 1:12
Average pace: 20.97 mph
Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm

Great ride this morning. I set out with the intention of going on a recovery ride after the ULCER on Saturday. I really wanted to be good, I really did. For the first 7 miles I was actually at about 19 mph and kept the heart rate low. But then I crossed Main Street here in Lehi.

Then I decided to go a little faster, and it felt good. So I kept pushing the speed up and up until I was at about 23.5 mph. I decided to ignore speed and keep the heart rate at 160 bpm. It was a fantastic decision as my legs responded and I felt great overall. No residual soreness from the ULCER nor did my legs decide they were not going to respond.

In other news, Lance Armstrong is a champion yet again. The guy went out and won the Colorado State Pro Cross Country Championships in Mountain Biking over the weekend. You can read the article here. While he does not lead the points race for the series, he is now the Colorado State Cross-Country Champion. Seriously, how many champion jerseys does this guy have at this point? Amazing…

Then the Tour of Utah starts this week. There will be a total of five stages with the addition of a prologue. There are some fantastic names participating in this years ToU, and the competition between the eight pro teams that are entered will be fantastic. I will be in Kentucky most of next week, so I will miss the majority of the race. Bummer. But, it is nice to see the sport get the shot in the arm that it deserves from a pro race.

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