Type: Run
Distance: 5.05 miles
Time: 40:02
Average pace: 7:56/mile
Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm

This run was planned for 4.0 miles, but I felt really strong once I hit the turn around. At that point, I decided to go another .5 miles so I could get a total of 5.0 miles for the run. I will tell you this, The song “Renegade” by Styx is a great way to finish off a run. I love the tempo of the song — very conducive to running fast. The pace of this run was much quicker than what I was running even last month, so it is nice to see the progress.

So my buddy Sheldon Richards let me borrow a book called Run Less Run Faster, and it appears to have been written by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Ross. They have a system called the FIRST Training Program that they advocate can help you spend less time running, but by making the miles more meaningful, will also make you faster. You can learn a little more about the program here. I am headed to Kentucky next week and will take the time to read and understand the FIRST Training Program and start to apply it while on the road. I think it will be tough not to run as much, but the program has made Sheldon faster. He and I are about the same age and the same ability levels, so we will see where it takes me.

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