Type: Run
Distance: 7.00 miles
Time: 56:00
Average pace: 8:00/mile
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm

I was supposed to ride 50 miles this morning, but when I woke up to go the weather outside was horrible. I set the snooze to keep waking up in hopes that the weather would lift, but it never did. The wind kept getting worse and the rain came about sunrise. So, I had to run inside this morning. I don’t love time on the dreadmill (see how clever I am?), but it is better than nothing.

I could tell I took a rest day yesterday. My legs felt light and my heart rate stayed a little lower than usual. When I finished my workout, I walked to the stereo to hook up my iPod there and it felt like I was floating. That is the sign that your legs are getting stronger. I think I could have gone 10.0 miles without much of a stretch.

The Provo 1/2 IM distance race was this morning. I have done this race a couple of times and it is a great race, but the reason I skipped it this year was because of the mosquitoes. Last year I put on my wetsuit just to keep them off of me. You don’t get a couple dozen bites in this case, but several hundred. I don’t really get too bothered by mosquito bites, but it does make you feel as if you gave about a pint of blood when you get that many bites.

With the wind, I am about positive they had to cancel the swim. This is the same location where a guy died during the swim of the Provo Ironman. The lake is so shallow that any wind creates waves and big winds create big waves. People who participate in an Ironman are in top shape, so for someone to drown, that is a big deal.

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