You Get Bucked Off, Get back in the Saddle

Type: First Ride after the Crash
Distance: 25.22 miles
Time: 1:22:38

Average Watts: 156 watts
Normative Power: 193 watts
Average Heart Rate:
Total Work: 772 kJ
Average Speed:
18.3 mph

I”M BACK BABY! It was a slow ride, but it has only been three weeks since my bike wreck (read about it here) and it was just nice to be back in the saddle. I rode with a couple of friends who took it easy on me thank goodness and I survived. The hardest part of the process was not the physical but the mental.

My personality is such that when I try something and fail, I am more than happy to try again until I am successful. But the crash and the broken elbow had me a little spooked this morning. I got my bike back from Canyon Bicycles yesterday and they did a fantastic job putting her back together. The top tube had cracked and Cervelo — bless them — replaced the frame under warranty. The best thing about the rebuild is they were meticulous about marking the fitting, so my new bike fit like a glove.

As I got on my bike this morning, I wasn’t extremely nervous, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of my head to stay a little farther back in the paceline, slow down at every corner, and give cars a little extra space. Now none of these things were the cause of my crash, but I just didn’t want to go over the front again. I can’t really explain it, but the feeling was there the entire ride. It is something I will have to get over to gain back my edge. I am not educated in the psychology of returning to activity from a traumatic event, but I will be reading up on it and writing about what I learn here soon. Leave a comment if you have had a similar experience on or off the bike and give me some insight into how you gained back your edge.

I gotta think since it is all mental, it will just take time to rebuild that confidence that I had.

The ride was great. Physically I felt fine. I know we could have gone faster, but there will be time to get my speed back. I start travelling for work next week and will be on the road for a lot of the fall, but I should maintain fitness levels by running. Running during my injury has helped me keep something of a fitness level in my legs. Thank goodness for that!

Here is the chart from this morning:

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