No exercise to report except for a super awesome pheasant hunt in Iowa. I have a Project Director in Okoboji, which is in the Iowa Great Lakes region, who raises bird dogs and guides on pheasant hunts. Wes Hunziker is an amazing hunter who really knows his stuff.

About six months ago I started begging him to let me go pheasant hunting with him and his crew. I knew he raised bird dogs, but I did not know he also guided. The bottom line is Wes has a great setup and knows about every farmer in the region and knows where the birds are. He let me stay at his house over the weekend with his family, which added to the fantasticness of the experience. Being able to hang out with Wes after hours was great. His family is welcoming and I can see where they are pillars of the community.
The hunts were fantastic. We hunted for two and a half days and really enjoyed ourselves. The corn had for the most part not been harvested yet, which meant that most of the pheasant were still in the corn fields. We did walk some corn fields, but that is a rough hunt with the small number of people that we had. Even with his great dogs, it was a little tough to kick up birds in unharvested corn.
We also worked CRP land, which is land that looks like the prairie did before too many people lived there. The switch grass was up to seven feet tall in some spots, but for the most part was about four to five feet tall. There was some really thick stuff too. But on to the good stuff, here are the photos:
Just a cool photo of my Beretta SP V. The gun performed well for the hunt. I love this gun.
Another photo of my gun. You will notice I took a picture of the wrong side. This side has the relief of ducks. The other side has pheasant. Oops. Literally three seconds after I took this photo a rooster flushed and Wes got, er, winged it.
This is an actual corn crib. The farmers used to put the harvested corn into this building to dry it out. Once it had dried they could use it for about anything.
This is Wes on the right, his two dogs, and another teacher from the district, Nate. The three of us covered a ton of ground in two and a half days.
And finally I make it into the picture. Here I am with Wes and his two dogs, Maya and Tracer. The dogs really worked hard and did a fantastic job at finding the birds that were buried deep in that tall grass.

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