Type: Bike Ride
Distance: 20.0 miles
Strategy: Nice ride with Shay
Average Speed: 19.0 mph
Average Heart Rate: Best guess about 155 bpm

You know, I called my buddy Shay up yesterday after I got home from Iowa and somehow tricked him into a mid afternoon ride. I was trying to start up my Garmin Edge and I had failed to charge it, so it was a no go. I know we went 20.0 because we rode a course that we typically will do that is actually a little longer than 20.0 miles. The heart rate was a guess because I did not have a heart rate monitor because of the lack of a Garmin.

It was a tougher ride than I anticipated. I thought it would be a cake walk, but it was tough. I am not sure if it was the getting up at 2:30 MST to catch the flight or all of the hunting I did over the last several days, but the legs just weren’t there. Regardless, it gave me the motivation that i needed to know I need to work my tail off this winter to be ready for IMUT.

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