Type: Brick — Bike/Run
Distance: 20.0 miles/2.0 miles
Time: 76:00
Average pace: 180 watts/8:00 /mile
Average Heart Rate: 165 bpm

Now this is more like it. I got a little amped up and decided that I would do a brick. For those of you who are newer to the sport, this is a workout where you complete a workout in two fields, i.e. a swim and a bike or a bike and a run. The idea is to get your body acclimated to making the transition between the two disciplines. Today I actually pushed pretty hard on my bike trainer and then went for a quick run on the treadmill.

I pushed 180 watts for the entire hour I was on the bike. In my estimations, this is about where you need to be when you are doing 20.0 mph on flat ground. I think this is actually about 22.0 mph judging by the exertion level, but we will go with 20.0 mph instead. I did down a bottle of Infinit during that hour to keep my energy levels up for the run.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started running. I was a little tired from the hour of biking at a higher level, but then I wasn’t wiped out. It just felt good. I thought this workout went really well.

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