Type: Bike
Distance: 20.0 miles
Time: 60:00
Average Watts: 170 watts
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm

Just a nice easy ride on the CycleOps Pro 300PT in the basement. I felt really good on this ride. I didn’t overindulge for Thanksgiving and I think my gut was thanking me…I love food, especially around the holidays. I think it was smart of me to lay off the really rich stuff though.

Overall I feel like my fitness is coming along. Next week I will begin the two a day workouts, so I think I will make some significant improvements during December. I am actually going to start swimming and try and get my cardio fitness level up to where it should be. I feel like my cardio fitness is what is holding me back right now on both the bike and the run.

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I have been participating in running and triathlons for 10 years and love the feeling that training provides. You may not agree with me, but you know you just can't look away...