Type: Bike
Distance: 20.0 miles
Time: 60:00
Average Watts: 165 watts
Average Heart Rate: 165 bpm

Not sure why, but this was a tough ride this morning. I got plenty of sleep, I ate healthy yesterday, and it was a rest day. Everything points to my muscles being full of glycogen. For some reason I got a little pukey about 20 minutes into this ride, so I had to back off the intensity. It was a really odd feeling. I was excited when this ride was finished.

Part of me wants to classify this in the “junk miles” category because it wasn’t that tough of a ride. But, another part of me wants to put this in the “mental training” category because I overcame an obstacle mid ride. I kept telling myself that during the race, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome and the guys who finish are those who find a way over them. If I quit today, it would be that much easier for me to quit during the race. It was a tough ride, but I am glad I made it through it.

Stay tuned…the first swim in a long time will be posted tonight.

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