Type: Bike
Distance: 22.76 miles
Pace: 2:38 min/mi
Time: 60:24
Average Watts: 204 watts
Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm
Total Work: 738 kJ

So I decided this morning to find out if I am more efficient at a higher or lower cadence on my bike. I typically like to keep my cadence between 80-85 rpm’s, but I dialed it up a notch and kept my cadence up between 90-95 rpm’s. The results from the workout show me that I am much more efficient at the higher cadence. If you look at my numbers today — average 204 watts and 738 kJ for the workout — you will notice they are much better than my typical results. I was about 40 watts and 200 kJ higher than my other workouts. There are several variables that I cannot control for, like I am getting in better shape and how I perform from day to day. I will tell you this, I will start dialing up the rpm’s from how on. The average heart rate was about in line with my other workouts and I feel about as fatigued as I normally do after an endurance building ride. Check out the charts:

Notice the average BPM for my heart rate according to the
PowerAgent software was 140 bpm. I took the 154 bpm from the TrainingPeaks WKO+ software as I feel it is more accurate. There is no way I was only at 140 bpm for this ride. 154 bpm is about right.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was using Recoverite as one of my tools for recovery, especially at night after my p.m. workouts. This is a product that is made by one of the better nutrition companies in endurance sports, Hammer Nutrition. I put it in a blender with milk and either 5 frozen strawberries or about half a banana, depending on what we have on hand. Sometimes I will sweeten it with honey or vanilla yogurt. The reason I use it is to replenish the glycogen stores of my muscles so I will be ready for my workouts the next day. It is no magic bullet, and I will also use a couple of servings of oatmeal, an Ensure, or some instant rice for the same purpose, depending on my mood. The Recoverite does have the 3:1 carbs to protein ratio that most studies say is optimal for muscle recovery, so most of the time I will use it for that purpose. There are plenty of other foods that can be substituted here and I do that about 50% of the time myself.

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