12.15.09 — Cross Training with a Gun

So I was scheduled to ride for an hour this morning and shame on me, I decided to skip the ride because I was heading out pheasant hunting this morning with my buddy Mike Kunzler. You know it is going to be a good day when you have a hunt scheduled at first light.

The snow was between two and three feet deep, depending on where you walked and if there were drifts or not. Mike hadn’t been pheasant hunting for a while, but he grew up an Idaho farmboy, so I knew he would be alright. And wouldn’t you know it, he shot just fine. There were three that got away, but it was a fantastic day. The weather was cool, which kept us and the dog cooler. The dog performed well. I love hunting over a well-trained dog and this one can really kick up the birds at the right time.

I am really glad I didn’t ride before the hunt. My legs are shot right now. If I had ridden, I would have been sucking some serious wind and struggled up the hills. I was still sucking wind and kept the heart rate up, but it was in control the whole time. I have a swim scheduled for tonight, and I am really looking forward to getting in the water.

Enjoy the photos…

This is Mike. He is also has my retirement accounts, etc.

Mike with the day’s bounty…

Me trying to remember why I don’t do this every day of the week. It is that pesky little triathlon habit I have that keeps me out of the field.

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