12.17.18 — Swim Intervals

Type: Swim
Distance: 1950 yards
Time: 30:00
Workout: Intervals

Tonight was a pretty straightforward workout. I did three sets of 10 minutes each with 2’30” of rest between sets. I felt really smooth by the third set and loved how the glide portion of my stroke was working tonight. I was curious how many strokes it was taking me to get across the 25 yard pool tonight, so I counted at the end of the set. I put one length together at 16 strokes and the next was 14. During those two lengths I concentrated on holding the glide as long as I could during each stroke.

A Blog You Should be Reading
There were some fantastic posts today out there in blogland. Elizabeth Waterstraat is the author of one of the blogs that you should be reading. She is a tri coach and a pretty amazing one from what I have read on the blogs of those people she trains. Her track record for her own accomplishments is outstanding. She just put together a list of items you should focus on if you want to get faster on the bike. Read that list and her justifications here. I spent some times reading them this morning and they were a great reminder of how I should prioritize my goals for my bike this year. Happy reading!

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