12.21.09 — Swim

Type: Swim
Distance: 1600 yards
Time: 25:00
Workout: Intervals

This was a great workout. I felt like I was really flying today in the water. It was amazing — it really felt like a knife cutting through the water. I felt smooth and efficient and worked hard on each of my sets. I did two sets of 800 each with five minutes of rest between the two. The first set took me just under 12 minutes and the second just under 13.

The real breakthrough came after I finished the workout. I took a five minute rest and then sprinted for 50 yards to see how fast I could cover the distance. I went last night with my buddy Danny and I had him time me. I was really surprised when I covered the 50 yards in 32 seconds. I knew my swim fitness was improving, but dang Gina, that is really quick for me. I know there are some fish who read this who will smirk and think dang, another celebration of mediocrity, but this was a really fast time for me. From my baseline time, this is a great improvement.

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