12.22.09 — Bike Threshold Ride

Type: Bike — Threshold Ride
Distance: 22.74 miles
Pace: 2:38 min/mile
Time: 60:33
Average Watts: 177 watts
Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm
Total Work: 634 kJ

This was the breakout ride that I have been looking for now for a while. I was able to out out some real watts today for the majority of the ride. When I started I had illusions of grandeur — I wanted to push 250 watts for each of my intervals. I didn’t end up that high, but where I ended up still makes me happy. Here is the graph:

And in other news…
If you aren’t, you should be reading VeloNews, one of the premier cycling news sites on the Internet. I love the site for the information they provide about cycling, the professional teams, cyclocross, and yes, even triathlon. The information is well presented and easy to understand, even for the novice.

One of the better articles they have written and posted in the last month or so was about Mark Cavendish, one of the best sprinters on the road right now (read it here). Cavendish had a great team around him in Team Columbia-HTC last year, which allowed him to win a lot of the sprints to the finish lines last year during the TdF. He did not win the Green Jersey during last year’s TdF because of how the points system works. Thor Hushovd won instead and some would argue that he deserved it because he worked harder during stages and not just at the finish lines. Thor is a stud in his own right and has even worn the Yellow Jersey.

Cavendish sounds like he is not concerned that several of his team mates from Team Columbia-HTC have left and he sounds absolutely fired up. I think this year’s TdF is going to be amazing and the drama that will unfold between rivals is going to be epic. I kind of hope Cavendish and Hushovd end up battling it out for the Green Jersey yet again in 2010.

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