12.26.09 — Nice Steady Run

Type: Run — Just cruising along
Distance: 6.50 miles
Pace: 8:17 min/mile
Time: 53:51
Average Heart Rate: 163 bpm
Average Speed: 7.2 mph

Today I went out with no destination in mind. About a mile into the run I decided I would run to my old high school and see if they had burned the place down since I had left. It might have gotten all of the bad juju out of the place once I had left. So I got out to Webb Chapel and turned right and went in the general direction of the school. I ended up going the long way and hitting Fyke. which runs right in front of McGlaughlin ES. I ran all the way down Fyke until I hit RL Turner HS and turned around.

The cold weather gear I reviewed on Thursday worked really well. I did take it easy during mile 4, where my pace went from between 8:02 and 8:14 up to a whopping 8:52. There was no real reason but I got lazy I guess. I did have to walk a little to cross a street with traffic, but I should have been able to hold a decent pace after that. I would have loved to complete this run under 53:00, but that didn’t happen today. Here is the graph:

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