12.29.09 — Head Colds are Dumb

Head colds are dumb, but are they as dumb as the people who get them? I’m not sure.

I mentioned yesterday that I was starting to get a small head cold. It started to get worse as soon as I got on the plane to come back home from Dallas. The trip was amazing — lots of fun and it was fantastic to spend so much time with my side of the family. Once we got home, the stupid cold was bearing down on me full bore. You know the type, constant running of the nose and a sinus headache that borders on migraine status. I was supposed to go to the airport late to pick up one of the brothers and his wife who were returning from the same trip. Thankfully my wife saw the pain I was in and decided to make the trip for me.

I took two Tylenol PM and went to bed really early. I slept for about an hour and then woke up ready to face the day again. I am not sure why, by the Tylenol PM didn’t really have any impact on me last night. So I laid there waiting for my wife to make it back home.

I finally made it back asleep and just hoped the whole time that this would only be a 24 hour thing. I woke up feeling much better. The nose was dry and the headache gone. I still can feel a small fever, but nothing like I had last night. And miracle of miracles, I skipped the workout this morning and will probably do the same tonight. I would love the hit my goals for the month, but I do understand the concept of recovery.

The one good piece of training news I can give from today is I jumped on the scale this morning and I am only at 188 lbs. That means there was zero weight gain during the trip to Dallas. It was a Festivus miracle!

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