12.30.09 — Active Recovery Ride

Type: Bike — Active Recovery Ride
Distance: 23.17 miles
Pace: 2:35 min/mile
Time: 60:21
Average Watts: 131 watts
Average Heart Rate: 144 bpm
Total Work: 470 kJ

Today may have been about a day early to come back from the head cold. I woke up feeling good enough to jump on the trainer and made my workout goal for today to just pedal at a high cadence with a low power output. I could tell it would still be a challenge from all the mucus drainage I was having. Regardless, I jumped in the saddle to take a ride.

You can see from the chart that I just kept drifting up. My power kept drifting up until I was at about 150 watts, but my heart rate was also climbing at a much quicker pace than normal. This is just a sign that I am getting over my cold and probably should have waited another day to workout. But, I am glad I did jump on my bike this morning and got the legs pumping again. It has been eight days since my last ride, so it was nice to get my cheeks on the seat. Here is the graph:

I have been noticing on a couple of forums that I frequent that there are a lot of triathletes who are really rude to other people as they workout. One thread on a site that I love, beginnertriathlete.com, discussed how people had been wronged during training or weird things they had seen during training. There are some legitimate complaints on that thread. Then there are some like: people getting a locker too close to mine at the gym, people walking on the sidewalk and blocking my way, and people daring to ask to share my lane during my swim workouts. You can find the thread here…

Really? Are we as a triathlon community so hung up on ourselves that we can’t be just a touch courteous to other people as they try and lead their lives? Do we really need to take the offensive when interacting with others who do not match our fitness standards? Am I silly enough to think that a little kindness goes much further than a sharp word?

I have been in enough situations to know there is a fine line between ignorance and rudeness. I guess I am wearing rose colored glasses when I err on the side that people don’t want to be rude and inherently want to get along with others. If someone gets a locker too close to mine at the gym, I am happy to take my stuff and change somewhere else. If people are spread across a sidewalk during my run, I am happy to yell out excuse me so that they know I need to get through. If someone asks to share my lane during swim practice, I consent and let them in. It isn’t too hard to get along with people…

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