12.31.09 — Another Active Recovery Ride

Type: Bike — Active Recovery
Distance: 23.39 miles
Pace: 2:34 min/mile
Time: 60:38
Average Watts: 140 watts
Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm
Total Work: 506 kJ

I have started the draining part of my head cold, so I am still feeling a little puny. When I woke up this morning, I decided it needed to be another active recovery day to try and spare my body the stress of a hard interval workout. I want to ride for about 3 hours on Saturday, so I need to still take it a little easy today and tomorrow.

I could immediately tell I am still sick. My heart rate was extremely high for the amount of watts I was producing. At about the 26:00 mark you can see I had to dial down the resistance because I was starting to feel it in my lungs. Even at the 50:00 mark I had to dial it down again. I hate being sick and think that tomorrow will be the last day I am feeling like I have a couple of concrete blocks sitting on my chest when I do anything more than walk. Here is the graph:

Blog You Should be Reading
In this section I try and post a blog that I have found or that has found me that I feel is worthwhile and contains good information on training, tri’s, and cycling. The Cozy Beehive Blog is authored by Ron who is a mechanical engineer who can break down the construct of a bike and the supporting gear like nobody else I have seen. I am not a mechanical engineer nor does how a bike is put together interest me. My interest is in bike tuning, but the mechanics behind a seat post clamp discussion will usually make me fall asleep. Ron makes these discussions interesting and easy to understand. If you want to understand your bike and how it works, put Ron on your reading list. I thought I knew a lot about bikes, but Ron’s knowledge base eclipses mine by miles.

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