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  • 08.06.09


    Ahh…the rest day comes around from time to time and really lifts your spirits. I have the ULCER ride this weekend, so I get to take today and tomorrow off. The strategic planned rest day can help your body recover from the strain of prolonged […]

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  • 08.05.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 23.92 miles Time: 1:12 Average pace: 19.80 mph Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm Great interval ride with Brady and Juston. There was one mile where Brady held it at almost 29 mph for the entire distance. It was unreal and I was […]

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  • 08.04.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 26.03 miles Time: 1:22 Average pace: 19.01 mph Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm For whatever reason, today’s ride was much easier than yesterdays. We took the exact same route both days except we added a mile and change to the end of […]

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  • 08.03.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 24.28 miles Time: 1:16 Average pace: 19.00 mph Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm Got back from Trek late Friday night. It was a fantastic experience where we walked about 26 miles. Of course I am counting that towards my totals! Saturday rolled […]

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