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  • Day II in Paradise

    Day II in Paradise

    So I actually had to work today! Seriously. I conducted the training I had scheduled for the Maui Family YMCA  during a portion of the day. The Project Director, Jason is a great advocate for physical activity for kids and families in the area. The […]

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  • Yes, Wailea is that cool…

    Yes, Wailea is that cool…

    So here we are in Hawai’i and I have to tell you, it is as cool as I thought it would be. We got in late last night and ended up eating dinner at Denny’s really late. It seems that even here Denny’s is the […]

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  • Sad News

    Sad News

    So I am sure you do not know, but Action Mike is actually an action figure for one of my skiing idols, the legendary Shane McConkey. I bought it at a Toys-R-Us probably about five years ago for Josh because it looked so much like […]

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  • Clairton PA Report

    Clairton PA Report

    So with the upcoming trip to Hawaii, I have been trying to get ahead of my work so I can spend more time playing while I am in Hawaii. What I don’t want is to get to Hawaii and have to keep my head buried […]

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  • First Timer on Jacob’s Ladder

    First Timer on Jacob’s Ladder

    Type: MTB Ride Distance: 7.09 miles Time: 55:06 Average pace: 7:46/mile Average Heart Rate: 131 bpm I love to mountain bike. The ride is so different from riding my road bike. The technical aspect of riding your mountain bike can only make you a better […]

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  • Poor Ride

    Poor Ride

    So it was way too cold to ride outside this morning, so I jumped on my CycleOps Pro 300PT that I absolutely love. This is an indoor rig that is setup like my bikes I ride outside. The bike uses a PowerMeter, so there is […]

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  • Back in the Saddle Again…

    Back in the Saddle Again…

    So I haven’t written on this for a while. Excuses of excuses, I have been very busy for the last several weeks. I have been on the road training districts for the last fours weeks. What that translates into is four weeks of running. I […]

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