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با استفاده از مشاغل ستنو، در دنیای مجازی واحد صنفی خودتان را به دیگران معرفی یا واحد صنفی مورد نظرتان را جستجو کنید

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لوازم یدکی نو و دسته دوم (استوک) زانتیا و پراید ...
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26.2 Is My Cooldown | 2009 | November | Page 2

Archive for November, 2009

  • 11.07.09


    No exercise to report except for a super awesome pheasant hunt in Iowa. I have a Project Director in Okoboji, which is in the Iowa Great Lakes region, who raises bird dogs and guides on pheasant hunts. Wes Hunziker is an amazing hunter who really […]

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  • 11.04.09


    I know, I was supposed to get up early and workout and then head out to hunt pheasant. I just didn’t do it this morning. The alarm went of early and and I snoozed it because I knew I was going to be hunting this […]

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  • 11.03.09


    Type: Trainer Ride Time: 60:00 Strategy: Steady Effort Average Watts: 150-165 Average Heart Rate: 160 bpm Great ride this morning. I felt like I was actually in shape during my ride. I got up earlier so I could ride for an hour and decided that […]

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  • 11.02.09


    Type: Trainer Ride Time: 30:00 Strategy: Intervals Average Watts: 185 Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm So one of the cool things about working with a Powermeter is that you can measure your power, your cadence, and your heart rate all at the same time. While […]

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