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  • 12.21.09 — East Tempo Ride

    12.21.09 — East Tempo Ride

    Type: Bike/Easy Tempo Ride Distance: 22.00 miles Pace: 2:44 min/m Time: 60:30 Average Power: 165 watts Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm Total Work: 595 kJ This is the second to last ride on the trainer before we head off to Dallas and it was a […]

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  • 12.19.09 — LSD Ride

    12.19.09 — LSD Ride

    Type: Bike/LSD Ride Distance: 53.03 miles Pace: 2:50 min/m Time: 150:34 Average Watts: 150 watts Average Heart Rate: 139 bpm Total Work: 1352 kJ This was a very long time in the saddle. I had to take my brother to the airport to catch a […]

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  • My First Race — St. George 2005 Intro through the Bike

    My First Race — St. George 2005 Intro through the Bike

    I mentioned before that I would post a race report every Friday, so I decided to start at the beginning — this is the race report from my first triathlon ever. Remember this was my first triathlon and I didn’t really know as much as […]

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  • My First Race — St. George 2005 Run and Conclusion

    My First Race — St. George 2005 Run and Conclusion

    T2 Watch Time: 1:38.3 – See times above. Uneventful. I did everything well and cruised right out. Run 6.2 miles – Watch Time: 58:37.5 – Chip Time: 1:00.47 – 18/29 AG – 107/216 Males – 9:45.3 min/mile – 159 bpm Average I have done some […]

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  • 12.18.09 — Recovery Bike Ride

    12.18.09 — Recovery Bike Ride

    Type: Bike/Recovery Ride Distance: 21.69 miles Pace: 2:46 miles/min Time: 60:26 Average Watts: 156 watts Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm Total Work: 563 kJ I was having a tough time treating this ride as a recovery ride. Going into the ride I wanted to keep […]

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  • 12.17.18 — Swim Intervals

    12.17.18 — Swim Intervals

    Type: Swim Distance: 1950 yards Time: 30:00 Workout: Intervals Tonight was a pretty straightforward workout. I did three sets of 10 minutes each with 2’30” of rest between sets. I felt really smooth by the third set and loved how the glide portion of my […]

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  • Spinervals DVD Review and 12.17.09 Workout

    Spinervals DVD Review and 12.17.09 Workout

    Type: Bike/Tempo Ride Distance: 20.45 miles Pace: 2:57 min/m Time: 60:25 Average Watts: 172 watts Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm Total Work: 620 kJ This rude was brutal. The numbers don’t show that this was any tougher than the steady state rides that I do, […]

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  • Thoughts on Cheating

    Thoughts on Cheating

    While I was riding this morning I was watching the DVD’s from the 2006 Tour de France. As you will recall this is the year that Floyd Landis won the whole enchilada but…one of his samples tested positive for a higher than normal ratio of […]

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  • 12.16.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 22.06 miles Pace: 2:43 min/m Time: 60:23 Average Watts: 164 watts Average Heart Rate: 152 bpm Total Work: 593 kJ So I think this ride was actually pretty solid. The average watts were a little lower than what I wanted, but if […]

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  • 12.15.09


    Type: Swim Distance: 2,000 yards Time: 32:00 Workout: Steady Pace I wanted to do intervals, I really did. I just felt good in the pool tonight. I am not sure if it is because I skipped out on my bike ride this morning, but I […]

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