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  • 01.25.10 — Interval Ride

    01.25.10 — Interval Ride

    Type: Bike — Easy Intervals Distance: 21.61 miles Pace: 2:47 miles/minute Time: 60:43 Average Watts: 185 watts Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm Total Work: 669 kJ First off, if you are having trouble with this site updating in your RSS feed or Google Reader, I […]

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  • 01.23.10 — Good Long Ride

    01.23.10 — Good Long Ride

    Type: Bike — Endurance Ride Distance: 85.48 miles Pace: 2:48 min/mile Time: 240:48 Average Watts: 148 watts Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm Total Work: 2,125 kJ This was a good, long ride that was in my Endurance Zone. It was great practice for the St. […]

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  • My Simplistic Guide to Giving

    My Simplistic Guide to Giving

    With the recent earthquakes in Haiti, it find it very interesting that so many charities have come out and are aggressively soliciting donations for the people that have been impacted by these events. Having worked with a 501(c)3 to help them raise funds to support […]

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  • 01.22.10 — Recovery Ride

    01.22.10 — Recovery Ride

    Type: Bike — Recovery Ride Distance: 21.03 miles Pace: 2:52 min/mile Time: 60:31 Average Watts: 155 watts Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm Total Work: 561 kJ Man did I need this ride after the rides, swim, and run I had over the last couple of […]

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  • 01.21.10 — Confidence Run

    01.21.10 — Confidence Run

    Type: Run — Confidence Run Distance: 5.0 miles Pace: 8:31 min/mile Time: 43:31 Average Heart Rate: 156 bpm Average Speed: 7.0 mph Not my fastest run ever not was it my slowest. Mrs. Hot Wife went to a play tonight with some friends, so I […]

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  • 01.21.10 — Tempo Ride

    01.21.10 — Tempo Ride

    Type: Tempo Ride Distance: 24.90 miles Pace: 2:41 min/mile Time: 67:43 Average Watts: 201 watts Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm Total Work: 809 kJ Today’s ride was work. Yesterday was about the same average watts and just a little lower on the total work, but […]

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  • 01.20.10 — Change Up at the Pool

    01.20.10 — Change Up at the Pool

    Type — Swim, Steady Pace Sets Distance: 2,000 yards Time: 28:30 Workout: 2 x 1,000 Not much to share about my swim tonight…I went shorter and slower than last night. I felt smooth in the water. There was no lightning and thunder nor were there […]

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  • 01.20.10 — Breakthrough Ride

    01.20.10 — Breakthrough Ride

    Type: Steady State Effort Distance: 24.40 miles Pace: 2:39 min/mile Time: 65:41 Average Watts: 203 watts Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm Total Work: 788 kJ Yep, you read that right. I finally averaged over 200 watts for an hour ride. I am not sure what […]

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  • 01.19.10 — Another Great Swim

    01.19.10 — Another Great Swim

    Type: Paddles, Pull Buoy, and Sharing the Lane Distance: 2,250 yards Time: 24 minutes or so Workout: 3 x 750 yards This was pretty much a copy of last night’s workout, with the exception of the last set of 750 yards. When I was resting […]

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  • 01.19.10 — Riding with the Gangs of New York

    01.19.10 — Riding with the Gangs of New York

    Type: Steady State Effort Distance: 23.0 miles Pace: 2:36 min/mile Time: 60:38 Average Watts: 167 watts Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm Total Work: 600 kJ I threw Gangs of New York into the DVD player this morning to ride to. Interesting show. The premise of […]

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