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  • 02.22.10 — Great Start to the Week

    02.22.10 — Great Start to the Week

    Type: Solid Tempo Ride Distance: 22.04 miles TSS: 70.3 Time: 60:36 Average Watts: 186 watts Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm Total Work: 673 kJ Today’s ride just felt good. I wanted a great tempo ride to start off the week and I got one this […]

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  • 02.20.10 — Throwing Up Bricks…

    02.20.10 — Throwing Up Bricks…

    Type: Brick — Bike/Run Distance: 50 miles bike/7 miles Run Time: 2:22:42 Bike/62:00 Run TSS: 109.2 Bike/85.5 Run (194.7 total) Average Watts: 151 Bike Run Pace: 8:50 min/mile Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm Total Work: 1,293 kJ Bike/767 kJ Run (2,060 kJ total) For some […]

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  • Great Interview with George Hincapie

    Great Interview with George Hincapie

    I am not prone to hero worship. I think that there are plenty of people to admire in this life, and most of the people who make that cut are those who I know personally. Through the years I have figured out that sports in […]

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  • 02.19.10 — Active Recovery Ride

    02.19.10 — Active Recovery Ride

    Type: Active Recovery Ride Distance: 21.39 TSS: 51.1 (Oops. Took Active Recovery a Little too Literally) Time: 60:26 Average Watts: 160 watts Average Heart Rate: 141 bpm Total Work: 576 kJ After the hard day yesterday, I needed a day of active recovery. I didn’t […]

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  • 02.18.10 — Nice, Easy Long Run

    02.18.10 — Nice, Easy Long Run

    Type: Long Run at Slower Pace Distance: 10.0 miles TSS: 136.2 Time: 88:00 Pace: 8:47 min/mile Total Work: 950 kJ I set this run up with an easier effort on the bike this morning. My legs felt good on this run from the start, but […]

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  • 02.18.10 — Easy Bike Effort

    02.18.10 — Easy Bike Effort

    Type: Easy Intervals Distance: 21.74 miles TSS: 60.3 Time: 60:28 Average Watts: 170 watts Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm Total Work: 615 kJ Just like the title suggests, this ride was designed as easy intervals because of my workout schedule — I have a long […]

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  • 02.17.10 — Swim Workout

    02.17.10 — Swim Workout

    Type: Race Pace Set Distance: 2,500 yards Workout: 2,500 yards at Race Pace TSS: 54.0 You know, all my swim workouts this week have looked exactly the same. I am not getting bored with them. To the contrary I really like them and enjoy pushing […]

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  • Armstrong vs. Lieto — The Results

    Armstrong vs. Lieto — The Results

    The time trial is now final — Armstrong takes a 14 mile TT in :15. Yep, you read that right, a whole 15 seconds. The speeds these two athletes maintained during the effort were amazing. Armstrong averaged 39.1 mph and Lieto a little under than. […]

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  • Armstrong vs. Lieto

    Armstrong vs. Lieto

    This is something I can get my mind around. Lance Armstrong and Chris Lieto (amazing triathlete) are both training in Kona right now. Yesterday Lance was riding down the street and saw Chris going the other way. After his ride, Lance threw down his gloves […]

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  • 02.17.10 — Decent Bike Intervals

    02.17.10 — Decent Bike Intervals

    Type: Bike Intervals Distance: 22.30 miles TSS: 71.3 Time: 60:30 Average Watts: 185 watts Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm Total Work: 669 kJ Not a bad little workout this morning. I thought my legs would be a little fried this morning from the three workouts […]

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