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لوازم یدکی نو و دسته دوم (استوک) زانتیا و پراید ...
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26.2 Is My Cooldown | 2010 | July

Archive for July, 2010

  • The Most Epic Bike Wreck Ever

    The Most Epic Bike Wreck Ever

    Last night the pain got worse and the swelling went up, so I broke down and went to the doctor this morning. Long story short, I have a cracked radial head on the Radius of my left arm. The good news is they won’t put […]

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  • 07.28.10 — Interesting Ride

    07.28.10 — Interesting Ride

    Type: Ride with my Brother Distance: 22.25 miles Time: 1:21:30 Average Watts: 175 watts Normative Power: 207 watts Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm Total Work: 774 kJ Average Speed: 18.2 mph One thing I have failed to tell you people about in the blogsphere is […]

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  • Cervelo R3SL Product Review

    Cervelo R3SL Product Review

    I know I have been teasing you with hints about my new bike, and it seems that the thing is more of a myth than reality. However, I finally got off of the thing long enough to snap some photos that will do it justice…Here […]

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  • 07.20.2010 — Nice Ride with Friends

    07.20.2010 — Nice Ride with Friends

    Type: Easy Group Ride Distance: 24.07 miles Time: 1:20:23 Average Watts: 153 watts Normative Power: 188 watts Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm Total Work: 739 kJ Average Speed: 18.0 mph Come on, cut me some slack already! It was supposed to be a nice ride with my pals Juston and […]

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  • 07.19.2010 — I’m Back…

    07.19.2010 — I’m Back…

    Type: First Time Back in the Saddle Distance: 20.05 miles Time: 1:12:06TSS: 88.3 Average Watts: 169 watts Normative Power: 193 watts Average Heart Rate: 169 bpm Total Work: 729 kJ Average Speed: 17.8 mph Yes, yes, yes I know I have been MIA for about […]

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