Type: Bike
Distance: 20.15 miles
Time: 1:05
Average pace: 18.60 mph
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm

This was not scheduled as a de facto recovery ride, but it turned into one. I rode with my buddy Shay Bertola and neither of us were feeling very peppy this morning for whatever reason. Shay because he has played like 54 holes of golf this week and me, I am not so sure why. I may be just a little sick right now or something. I have been feeling this way for a couple of days now. I really want to pull out of this mini funk I am in. I may not be getting enough sleep for my training volume, but who knows. My brother Joe wants me to get more sleep because he believes in prudence in all things, so I may start to take his advice.

So I am on the road in Kentucky next week for the entire week. That means I will get no time on the bike except for Saturday. I will take my Garmin Forerunner 405 with me and be able to run everyday while I am there. I actually have a couple of routes in the towns that I will be staying in that I really like to run. Since my trainings will start at 8:00 a.m., I usually have to drive about an hour to the site, and I will be on EST, all of my runs will occur in the late evening. Summertime in the humidity in Kentucky is hot. At least once the sun goes down you the temp will drop just a touch.

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