5K Race Strategy — Here I Come

Type: Steady State Ride
Distance: 20.15 miles
Time: 1:00:35
Average Watts: 174 watts
Normative Power: 181 watts
Average Heart Rate: 151 bpm
Total Work: 632 kJ
Average Speed: 20.1 mph

This was supposed to be an easy ride because I have my 5K tomorrow, but it turned into a little harder of a ride. But I am thinking it won’t hurt my race too much tomorrow. There is bigger news afoot though…

One of the bridges on the Ironman St. George bike course has been washed out because of heavy flooding about three weeks ago and there is no way it will be repaired by May 1st. I am not sure what will happen, but they will have to redo the bike course. I am really not sure where they will take the course, but man oh man, this is HUGE news…

5K Race Strategy

So I will be fairly well rested for my race tomorrow. I decided to play Wii with friends here at the house tonight instead of going night skiing. Obviously that will improve my leg strength and turnover. I tend to ski pretty hard, so there is little way I would be able to speed through a 5K the day after.

About an hour before the race I am going to drink about 200 calories worth of Infinit for nutrition. I will drink about another water bottle after I finish my Infinit and the start of the race. I think I will be pretty well off nutrition wise.

I won’t stop at aid stations. I think stopping at an aid station for a 5K or 10K just slows you down. You should train during your runs to not drink or eat during races of that length. It can help you save a minute or two off of your races if you just pass by a busy aid station. I am going to write later about how to drink on the run so you don’t need to slow down…

So I want to run a 22:00 5K. It will be fast, but not unachievable. The good news is the weatherman is saying that our low will only be 27, so while I will have to dress warm, I won’t have to dress for the single digits that I thought I would have to. I am really liking the way the weather is looking.

So I am going out at a 7:00/mile pace. I think I can hold that for the whole race. What I want to do is run the first mile at that pace and then increase my pace to what I feel comfortable with. I think I can get it down to about a 6:30 if I push myself. With the posts that I put up about mental toughness, I think it is time for me to put up.

I don’t think I am running a sub 20:00 tomorrow, but I will push myself. I am going to push myself hard and hope to leave nothing on the course. We will see and I am excited to post my race report this weekend. Wish me

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