Bike Intervals Rule

Type: Easy Ride
Distance: 22.24 miles
Time: 1:00:41
Average Watts: 162 watts
Normative Power: 175 watts
Average Heart Rate:
Total Work: 588 kJ
Average Speed: 22.0 mph

I had to do this workout indoors on the CycleOps Pro 300PT because there is about six inches of snow on the ground. I actually do not mind getting on this bike and spending time inside because it is set up exactly like my road bike. It has a PowerTap hub so you can accurately track your effort. Today I did some great intervals, but they ended up being a little less intense than I wanted. I did a ten minute warm-up and then a one minute interval with a four minute rest. I did nine of these intervals. By the end of the workout I actually was spinning at high rpm’s — 110 rpm’s — and let the power slip. I felt pretty solid, which is good considering my experience on the mountain last week.

Here is what it looks like:

This Week’s Goals and Exciting News

This week my schedule is opening back up a little. That means I will have some time in the mornings to actually hit my workouts hard. With the base that I had before and the workouts that I got in during the last two hectic weeks, I think my body is ready for speed work. I think I may actually get in a couple of two-a-days this week for fun. So I will get in two hard runs and I think the rest of the time I will spend on the bike.

I would like to say I will get all my Christmas shopping done this week too, but on the way back from Scooter’s funeral I got into a super low speed accident and cracked my front bumper. That night the media called it the “Blizzard of 2010″ and it was really slick outside. A van cut off a car in front of me, who hit her brakes and slid out. I hit mine and slid into the back of her at about seven mph and cracked my front bumper. Everyone was alright, but I do need to get some body work done on my truck. So the shopping will need to wait until I get my ride back.

The exciting news is this — will be hosting another killer contest during the month of December. If you remember I gave away a Garmin to Stephanie Ann from The contest in December should be a similar format, and we will be giving away something equally as cool. It will be weighted to Followers, so if you are not currently a Follower, make sure you are after today. I am excited and hope you find this one to be equally as cool as the last one.

And here is the super cool image of the day. It goes out to you hotties with scarred up knees…

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