An Endurance Athlete’s Christmas

I would guess it is finally time to get back at it — I was able to drag my sorry butt into work this morning after SEVERAL days of just hanging out with family and friends. I wish I could say I had some epic vision about our sports and stuff, but alas, the weekend was just full of frivolity. Nothing too exciting happened during my workouts.

Regardless…my wife really stepped it up.

She gave me the 2010 Tour de France DVD’s. That’s right, it is over 11 hours of cycling and to boot, one of the most exciting Tour’s that I have ever watched. I am pretty excited to see this one again. I swear I have watched my previous Tour DVD’s like 100 times each. I am just grateful for the invention of the DVD. I would have worn out a video tape many times over by now.

There is something super cool about watching a stage — especially mountain stages — when you are on the trainer or treadmill. I mean, I love watching TV I have DVR’ed or even movies, that there is little as satisfying as watching endurance sports while you are training. I don’t know about you, but it really does make my try harder. The other day I was running and watching the stage when Floyd Landis just dropped the rest of the field. You can almost image running behind him and yelling, “Pedal harder you crazy Mennonite!”

But the coolest Christmas present goes to my grandma this year. She took a friendship quilt that was made for her grandmother in 1930 and cut out all the squares. My grandma gave each of he grandkids one of the squares and a small note about how the quilt connects the family. I have two brothers, a cousin, and their families here local and we make a significant effort to spend time together. It isn’t always easy and it is almost always a inconvenience, but it is nice for our kids especially to have a connection to their cousins and ultimately our family.

The square and the note that my grandma wrote me will be framed and hung in a prominent place in our home. I wish I knew the backstory of the person who wrote their name in needlepoint on my square, but for now I will be happy knowing that I have a significant piece of our family history in our home.

It was a good Christmas indeed…

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