Angela Naeth Wins at 2012 LeadmanTri

http://26.2ismycooldown.comAngela Naeth threw down outside of Las Vegas and for the second year in a row, won the 2012 LeadmanTri. All I can say is was there ever any doubt? You guys know she is a 26.2ismycooldown favorite mainly because of our exchange on Twitter right before Panama 70.3, which of course she won. She won because of my amazing advice to make sure she drank coffee before the start. I can’t confirm that she followed the same advice for the LeadmanTri, but she didn’t tell me that she wouldn’t follow it either. So my bet is she followed my advice and ended up with the awesome win. I think my skills of deductive reasoning are amazing.

http://26.2ismycooldown.comOf course I spoke about Matthew Russell hitting the podium at IM Texas 70.3 last weekend. I made a huge mistake because he was racing the LeadmanTri instead. But the great news is he hit the podium at this race instead. You guys know I am now claiming that Matthew is my brother mainly because he is awesome, fast, and has my same last name.  I gotta say I am proud to call him my brother.

Leadman is a fantastic race for a athlete who is a strong biker. The swim is only 2.5 k, the bike is 109.5 k, and the run is only 13.0 k. If there was a race that was weighted for a strong biker, this is it. To translate this into the metrically challenged, it is  a 1.55 mile swim, 68.4 mile bike, and 8.07 mile run. This is the type of distance that I would love because I feel I am a much better swimmer and cyclist than I am a runner.

Recently the organization that runs Leadman announced that in 2013 there will be a Leadman 250 version of the race in Las Vegas. This race will feature a 5 k Swim, a 223 k bike, and 22 k run. For those of you who can’t transition to the metric system, it is a 3.1 mile swim, 138.5 mile bike, and a 13.6 mile run. The swim and bike are both longer to the same legs on an IM, but the run is shorter. I gotta say I would absolutely love this type of race. When I did IM St. George, it was the second half of the marathon that was the most difficult. Did I mention that I do not love to run after a long swim and bike?

I gotta say I don’t know if Angela or Matthew are planning on racing at the 2012 Ironman World Championships in Kona, but man I would love to see it. Angela still needs to prove herself against the world’s best at the distance. Matt needs to do the same. Both have been putting up some great results this year and are names you should remember. I wouldn’t count either out for top 10 and would even go out and say if Angela is having a good day, expect to see her on the podium.

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