Another Fitness Blog Gets a Facelift

I know there are a ton of fitness blogs that are competing for your attention (studies show that most of you maintain a better blog than I do) and I wanted to make sure that I am better looking than all of you. Thank my Mom — it is her fault that I strive for near perfection in the way that I look. For what it is worth, I still have a long way to go.

I started identifying what areas I could make improvements in and since they are all too hard, I decided to start on my blog. I have added some cool features and hope that you people like it. I added a real RSS feed and made it easier for you to become a follower of my wisdom. The layout is obviously different — much cleaner in my opinion. I like clean.

There are still several items to work on, so know that the layout of the blog is a work in progress. Just remember, it is all for you, the fans.

Please let me know what you think. I like it, but when it comes to me, n = 1.5 according to my wife.

About the Author

I have been participating in running and triathlons for 10 years and love the feeling that training provides. You may not agree with me, but you know you just can't look away...