Armstrong vs. Lieto

This is something I can get my mind around. Lance Armstrong and Chris Lieto (amazing triathlete) are both training in Kona right now. Yesterday Lance was riding down the street and saw Chris going the other way. After his ride, Lance threw down his gloves and challenged Chris to a time trial on the Queen K Highway. After some hedging and what I thought was Armstrong backing out, I get up this morning to find this on my Twitter feed:

And it is on. Chris Lieto vs. Lance Armstrong in a time trial. They are riding from Waikeloa Beach Dr. to Kukio Nui Dr., a total of 14 miles. While I like Armstrong, I don’t think the guy walks on water like so many other people do. Today I am cheering for Lieto and hope he can pull this off. The wind is up in Kona, so we will see how this one plays out….

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