Best Ride of the Year

Type: Ride with my Boy
Distance: 17.75 miles
Time: 1:58:00
Average Speed: 9.0 mph

I decided to skip my long ride Monday to spend time riding with my boy instead. I love riding bikes with my boy, who turns seven in a couple of weeks. We usually will ride on a trail that runs along a river by our house and on that ride, we pound out 6.0 miles. But today, we decided to go long. Today was his first long ride. We packed up water, Pro Bars, and the camera. With apologies to my pals, this ride was the Best Ride of the Year.

I taught Haus that when I ask him “How are the legs?” to respond, “Powerful!” He was pushing hard for the first half of the ride and I loved how he really was focused on getting to the end of the ride. I sort of set a goal to go over 20.0 miles, but I couldn’t get enough distance on the out portion of the ride to get the full 20.0 miles. I knew how much Haus would want to sprint to the barn once he knew we were close, so I had to get as close to 20.0 miles as I could.

Regardless, the boy pushed it hard. I tried to keep him positive the whole ride and I was able to keep his mind right. At the turn around we sat and ate our Pro Bars and drank our water. Once Haus started to get energetic and antsy, it was time to roll back. Towards the end of the ride I kept asking him how he was feeling and he started to say, “A little less powerful Dad.” It was awesome. I couldn’t believe how well he did. Tonight after we went to the movies he even asked if we could go riding again tomorrow, so the ride wasn’t too hard or long. Good times. Here are a couple of pics:

You know he is looking good. He can’t roll without his riding gloves for some reason.

We both roll Treks for the MTB — him a kid’s model and me a Trek 69’er. Not sure where they got that name…

Typically we don’t ride side by side, but for this picture we did. I never roll with the backpack, but there was just too much to carry for a two hour ride.

One of my favorite pictures from this year. I am sure we were talking about his future college plans and such. That or Legos — I think it was the Legos…

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