Body Image and Endurance Sports

Type: Steady State Ride
Distance: 19.62 miles
Time: 1:00:40
Average Watts: 168 watts
Normative Power: 170 watts
Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm
Total Work: 611 kJ
Average Speed: 19.4 mph

Just another ride on the trainer in the Pain Cave. I am trying to get my kJ up so I can get back up to the 680-700 kJ for an hour workout on the bike. I am ahead of my training for last year so far, but next week is when I started working out twice a day four days a week. I am not sure I will have that type of capacity in my bones, but I will give it a try.

On the DVD Player: The 2010 Tour de France. We just hit the Pyrenees Mountains, and the competition is getting heated between Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador. I don’t think we will see the two of them go at it in 2011 because I bet Contador gets banned for the doping he did. It is too bad — I would have loved to see a replay of that battle. Here is the video of the famous “Chaingate”. I love that Contador continued to attack. Just watch the first :60 seconds and you will understand the rivalry.

Perception of Self and Endurance Athletes

First — thanks for the comments on my recommendations for Fitness Blog reading. The blogs I listed are some of the better ones that I have found and read on a regular schedule. If you have one you want to recommend to me, please feel free to let me know. I need you people to share the knowledge! There is no hoarding here…

I was poking through my Google Analytics files last night examining the most prevalent search strings that bring people to this blog. I love technology and it with all the tools that are available, you might as well use them I figure. So one person in the UK found my site by searching “Chicken Legs”. I wrote about having chicken legs during a review of the Nike leggings that I use for my outdoor runs in the winter. I have to admit that made me laugh. Alot.

I took up endurance sports to try and improve my body composition and health. I wanted to achieve a health-enhancing level of fitness through purposeful cardio and resistive training. As you may recall, I had the resistive side down no problem, but running was a distinct challenge. I looked fat and I wanted to look healthy. I wanted to not have to tell people I was a power lifter as an excuse for being 240 lbs.

Right or wrong, my perception of my body type and what I thought it should be shaped my habits. As I got older it was less important to look “huge” and the priority I set on looking “good” got to be more and more important to me. Endurance sports started to call my name. I started with running, gradually transitioned to triathlon, and finally I am trying to balance cycling, running, and triathlon. It isn’t always easy, but it somehow works.

When I try to get down to my targeted body fat percentage and weight, I start to look skinny. I get a lot of friends who ask me if I am sick or something. While they are well intentioned, their questions are a bit off base. I want to get to a particular body fat range because I don’t want to carry extra weight during a 10 to 12 hour race. I will be the one on the course, not my pals, so I typically ignore them.

Now I don’t get silly about losing weight — I do it in the right way. I control my diet by putting high quality calories into my body and burning them with exercise. I don’t drink soda and stay away from foods high on the Glycemic Index.  My weight loss is healthy and sustaining it is just as healthy. I do like that my rolls all disappear. My wife and her friends think that while I look skinny with my clothes on, I look great at the pool. I think her friends are too accustomed to mediocrity to be impartial judges.

But there are traits of my body that I would change. As I get older, my body hair is getting longer. Don’t worry you twenty-somethings. The great chest hair you have now will start to thin and grow longer. I will admit to being genetically blessed one way — I have no hair on my back. My chest hair, however, is splotchy and what I have is long. Hence, I do shave the chest once ever 10 days as long as I am training. My chest hair looks pretty silly when it is grown in. It looks kind of like a half dozen islands of hair on the sea of my chest.

I also have really long toes. I swear if the world were to flood and we had to live in trees for a couple of years, I would have a competitive advantage because I could wrap my toes around a tree branch if need be. I am going to spare you people what I found when I Googled “long toes”. I think I will say that there are some really odd people out there. Enough said…

26.2ismycooldown.comBut I would never ask to change my chicken legs. I love that my legs are long and lean. I imagine them being some type of super turbines when I am running or cycling. I imagine I have some type of competitive advantage over the rest of the field because my stride is about five feet longer than everyone else’s. Plus, I have much less surface area when I am shaving them, which saves me money on razors.

There are benefits to having chicken legs…even if those benefits are only in my mind. Self-perception is what counts here.

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