Body Image Issues…

Type: Tempo Run
Distance: 4.0 miles
Time: 32:06
Average Heart Rate: 157 bpm
Average Pace: 8:01 min/mile

Just a good, nice run. I like this run because of several reasons, but mainly because I felt strong from beginning to end. At the end of my last run, my legs were really fatigued. I am sure they were holding on to some residual fatigue from some hard workouts on the days before. I did have a good workout yesterday, but the legs recovered. I am thinking it was the sushi.

Body Image in Triathlons

I have a friend here in the neighborhood who told me she had a tough day because she went to the gym for a Women and Weights class early in the a.m. and there were all these perfectly shaped women there. My friend is training for a tri and is making some huge strides of late in her training. As a former competitive swimmer, she is going to be tough. She has a new bike she is spending a lot of time on and she is refining her running.

At first I wanted to smack her upside the head and tell her how bad it is to compare ourselves with others, regardless of the situation. I kept my hands to myself and explained to her how dangerous it is to compare our performance, even in races, to others. My friend is a great humanitarian and just an overall good person. I don’t know the gals she was comparing herself to, but I would be willing to bet a dollar against a donut that she spends more time helping other people that they do. I don’t know many people who have made the sacrifices that she has to help others. I swear triathlon is the first selfish thing she has ever done.

If I ever hear her comparing herself with others, I may smack her next time. She is better than that, by leaps and bounds. Let that be a warning — I know you read this mystery neighbor.

I have another friend who is a blogger that I will not name. She is one of my better friends in the blogging community because I admire her tenacity and commitment to achieving the goals she sets. Several months ago she published an entry about her goal to lose some weight for the purpose of improving her performance.

She is a small girl, and several people left comments attacking her because she was already small and in their opinion, did not need to lose weight. The tone of the comments were ridiculous and I thought offensive. She was hurt by some of the things people said about her and I am sure it was not healthy for her body image. She didn’t deserve the treatment. Her husband is military and I pity the fool who makes a military wife cry. Seriously. The dude is ripped and shredded.

Two different women, two different circumstances, but both are fighting the same core issue — at some time in our lives we will all be conscious of the way our bodies look. Everyone goes through it.

My solution is simple — we are going to have a day set aside each year that everyone wears spandex all day long. There will be the few of you who look fantastic, but everyone will be uncomfortable. It would take the sting out of being self-conscious about our bodies, just for a day.

Seriously, I hope that everyone who reads this knows that there is something wrong on EVERYONE”S body. Me, I store my fat on my pecs, no kidding. It sits above the muscle. What that means is when I start to increase my body fat, my chest looks great. If I go too high, it starts to look like I need a training bra. It really is comical when I am running down the street and my boobs are bouncing like they have a mind of their own. I wish I had film of it.

So don’t stress your body type. I hear a lot of beginner triathletes comment that their reason for participating in triathlon is to improve their bodies. We should all be focusing on improving our fitness levels so we can achieve a health-enhancing level of fitness, not have the perfect body. The perfect body is the one you have.

Paris-Nice Daily Report

Wednesday we head into the mountains and it is going to get exciting. Here is the video recap of Tuesday, but you really need to check back tomorrow to see the great climbs by some of the best cyclists in the world. Paris-Nice is starting to heat up.

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