Time for Spring to Warm-Up

Distance: 20.83 miles
Time: 1:00:38
Average Watts: 177 watts
Normative Power: 180 watts
Average Heart Rate: 157 bpm
Total Work: 653 kJ
Average Speed: 20.6 mph

This is what I would call a “holy crap is that all that happened?” ride. It was on the trainer because it was raining and 45° outside this morning. I am getting tired of Mother Nature wanting it to be cold. I just got my garden in and the flower beds in the back cleaned out and I need to get the same job done in the front. I also really, really prefer to get out and ride outside instead of on the trainer. I think I may start going a little crazy here soon unless I can get outside and ride. The good news is the clouds are supposed to part this weekend in time for the Salt Lake Century this Saturday. I am riding with an eclectic crew, but it should be a ton of fun.

Returning from a Layoff

It is tough to get back into form once you have taken a couple of weeks off. I rode throughout the winter and felt like I was in pretty solid shape entering the month of March. My power output was climbing at all levels, and I just felt strong on the bike. But with work overwhelming me the way it did, I really had to take a couple of weeks off. I hated doing it, but I needed to so I could accomplish some of my goals.

Coming back, it is important to give your body time to catch up to what your mind and your heart want to be doing. From what I have read, you should avoid too much intensity during the first week back and just give your muscles time to stretch again. Once you start feeling stronger, sprinkle in some intervals so you challenge your muscles, but you don’t get stranded if you are out on a 30 mile out and back ride. Recovery and proper nutrition are very important during this “build” period. Depending on the length of the layoff, you may have to spend more time in your build period as your body is accustomed to moving again. My build period this go-round (thanks to my rodeo friends) should be no more than a couple of weeks. I am hoping to go out about June 1st and ride in a couple of local crits.

Cancer Fight

I mentioned it yesterday, but I thought I would get into a little more detail today. As part of my LOTOJA experience I will be riding as part of the Huntsman’s Hometown Heroes Program. This allows for riders to raise money for cancer research. I decided to enhance my experience for LOTOJA through this program because cancer has really hit close to our family. I raised a lot of money for MS research at one time, but I think I want to focus my efforts in this disease for the next couple of years.

Take a look at the page that I constructed to help explain my experience with this disease. I have seen it rot away friends and family, and would love to see progress made in its treatment and cure. It is about time we made some serious progress in this area.

More Good News Coming Up

So for a bonus for kicking so much butt at work over the last couple of months, I bought myself a set of Zipp 101‘s. I am supposed to go and pick them up today, and I am almost shaking from excitement. I wanted a bombproof wheel that was stiff as they come. I wanted somewhat of a weight savings, but weight wasn’t the most important thing to me. The last thing I wanted was — wait for it — PowerTap compatibility. I am glad to report that my new Zipp’s have all three. I will post a review of the wheels in a couple of weeks once they have about 500 miles on them.

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