August Bike Workout Archive


    CASVAR 2011 — Riding for Scott Davis

    It was a great weekend that had a little riding thrown in for good measure...

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  • Bonk

    Race Specific Preparation is Always a Good Idea

    Adding a weekly workout to your schedule that includes sections that mimic your A race course will improve your mental and physical preparedness for any race.

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  • P1000612

    Wyoming Vacations Rule

    If you haven't ever vacationed in Wyoming, you really should add it to your bucket list.

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  • CASVAR 100, or LOTOJA Backwards

    CASVAR 100, or LOTOJA Backwards

    Type: CASVAR Century Distance: 100.0 miles Time: 5:40:46 Average Watts: 146 watts Normative Power: 174 watts Total Work: 2,994 kJ Average Speed: 17.3 mph The fly fishing was great as you can tell from the photos, but the ride waiting for us on Saturday was even better. The group […]

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  • Wyoming Fly Fishing in Star Valley

    Wyoming Fly Fishing in Star Valley

    I know this is a triathlon/cycling blog, but this experience was one of those that I just have to share. We did ride the CASVAR 100 on Saturday and may have been the quickest team (of course there were only 65 people preregistered for all […]

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  • You Get Bucked Off, Get back in the Saddle

    You Get Bucked Off, Get back in the Saddle

    Type: First Ride after the Crash Distance: 25.22 miles Time: 1:22:38 Average Watts: 156 watts Normative Power: 193 watts Average Heart Rate: … Total Work: 772 kJ Average Speed: 18.3 mph I”M BACK BABY! It was a slow ride, but it has only been three weeks since my bike wreck […]

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  • Type: Bike Distance: 20.15 miles Time: 1:05 Average pace: 18.60 mph Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm This was not scheduled as a de facto recovery ride, but it turned into one. I rode with my buddy Shay Bertola and neither of us were feeling very […]

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  • 08.12.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 25.11 miles Time: 1:10 Average pace: 21.52 mph Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm What a great ride this morning. I drank entirely too much caffeine last night at the lake, and as a result I could not sleep very well last night. […]

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  • 08.10.09


    Type: Bike Distance: 25.19 miles Time: 1:12 Average pace: 20.97 mph Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm Great ride this morning. I set out with the intention of going on a recovery ride after the ULCER on Saturday. I really wanted to be good, I really […]

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  • Cervelo P2C Review and the ULCER Ride

    Cervelo P2C Review and the ULCER Ride

    What a ride the ULCER was…but first a couple of housekeeping items. You might have noticed that I changed the URL of my blog. You can now access me at Sweet huh? Joe and I came up with that one. You will notice we […]

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