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  • fartlek

    Fartlek Running — How to Improve Your Race Pace

    I am in Denver conducting a training for DPS today. I got to my hotel yesterday and ran an easy 3.0 miles because if I don’t run, I don’t sleep at night. I followed up with a great TRX workout after I put the finishing […]

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  • Update


    Internet access at 30,000 feet is really cool. I know, it is about time the airlines provided it, but I am still in awe of actually being able to create this post on a plane in real time. My brother Joe will make fun of […]

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  • 08.18.09


    Type: Run Distance: 5.00 miles Time: 38:00 Average pace: 7:36/mile Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm Great run in Ashland Kentucky today. I really love how my job will take me throughout the country, to parts I would never see otherwise. On the drive from Lexington […]

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  • 08.15.09


    Type: Run Distance: 7.00 miles Time: 56:00 Average pace: 8:00/mile Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm I was supposed to ride 50 miles this morning, but when I woke up to go the weather outside was horrible. I set the snooze to keep waking up in […]

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  • 08.11.09


    Type: Run Distance: 5.05 miles Time: 40:02 Average pace: 7:56/mile Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm This run was planned for 4.0 miles, but I felt really strong once I hit the turn around. At that point, I decided to go another .5 miles so I […]

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