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  • 07.28.10 — Interesting Ride

    07.28.10 — Interesting Ride

    Type: Ride with my Brother Distance: 22.25 miles Time: 1:21:30 Average Watts: 175 watts Normative Power: 207 watts Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm Total Work: 774 kJ Average Speed: 18.2 mph One thing I have failed to tell you people about in the blogsphere is […]

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  • Cervelo R3SL Product Review

    Cervelo R3SL Product Review

    I know I have been teasing you with hints about my new bike, and it seems that the thing is more of a myth than reality. However, I finally got off of the thing long enough to snap some photos that will do it justice…Here […]

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  • Cervelo P2C Review and the ULCER Ride

    Cervelo P2C Review and the ULCER Ride

    What a ride the ULCER was…but first a couple of housekeeping items. You might have noticed that I changed the URL of my blog. You can now access me at http://26.2ismycooldown.com/. Sweet huh? Joe and I came up with that one. You will notice we […]

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