December Swim Workout Archive

  • 12.30.09 — Swim

    12.30.09 — Swim

    Type: Active Recovery Swim Distance: 1000 yards Time: I didn’t really count. No really… Workout: Try and not redline at all… I know it sounds different from all my other swim workouts, but with the head cold going away I really wanted to make sure […]

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  • 12.21.09 — Swim

    12.21.09 — Swim

    Type: Swim Distance: 1600 yards Time: 25:00 Workout: Intervals This was a great workout. I felt like I was really flying today in the water. It was amazing — it really felt like a knife cutting through the water. I felt smooth and efficient and […]

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  • 12.17.18 — Swim Intervals

    12.17.18 — Swim Intervals

    Type: Swim Distance: 1950 yards Time: 30:00 Workout: Intervals Tonight was a pretty straightforward workout. I did three sets of 10 minutes each with 2’30” of rest between sets. I felt really smooth by the third set and loved how the glide portion of my […]

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  • 12.15.09


    Type: Swim Distance: 2,000 yards Time: 32:00 Workout: Steady Pace I wanted to do intervals, I really did. I just felt good in the pool tonight. I am not sure if it is because I skipped out on my bike ride this morning, but I […]

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  • 12.14.09


    Type: Swim Distance: 1,600 yards Time: 25:00 Workout: Steady Pace Not exactly sure what you would call this swim. I guess I just got in the pool and decided I wanted to swim about a mile, so I just started. I know you are supposed […]

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  • 12.08.09


    Type: Swim Distance: 1,000 yards Time: 15:00 Workout: Intervals This is not the workout I set out to do. I wanted to do a 2,000 yard workout at a steady pace, but I found out last night I would be swimming only three nights this […]

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  • Review and 12.07.09 Workout Review and 12.07.09 Workout

    Type: Swim Distance: 1,600 yards Time: 30:00 Workout: Steady Effort So I went swimming with my buddy Danny Woodhouse and I have to admit, I had a great swim. I recently ordered some swim gear from and I got the chance to try it […]

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  • 12.02.09


    Type: Swim Distance: 1,600 yards Time: 30:00 Workout: Speed Intervals This one was  doozy. Let me break it down for you: 10 x 100 yards @ 1:30/100 yards pace with :30 second rest between sets 5 x 50 yards @ 1:10/100 yards pace with :30 […]

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  • 12.01.09


    Type: Swim Distance: 1,800 yards Time: 30:00 Workout: Constant Effort This was a good grind it out workout. I just swam straight and wanted to see how far I could go in 30:00. This is a good baseline measure of my swim fitness levels and […]

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