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26.2 Is My Cooldown | Flexibility

Flexibility Archive

  • Anterior_Hip_Muscles

    IT Band Issues

    You wanna collapse in pain? Ignore that pain on the outside of your knee...

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  • 26.2ismycooldown.com

    Rest and Recovery — The Underutilized Training Strategy

    Rest and active recovery are important parts of any training program. Here are some of my favorites...

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  • Running Cramps

    Biking or Running Cramps — What Can Be Done?

    Cramps can stop you dead in your tracks during a workout. Here is how to prevent cramps and cure them once they start to set in.

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  • runner

    Working Out on the Road — Running, TRX, and Yoga

    Traveling always takes its toll on the quality of your workouts. Here is my strategy to keep my fitness levels high.

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  • Flexibility — Stretches for Common Leg Problems

    Flexibility — Stretches for Common Leg Problems

    This is the second installment on flexibility for cyclists and runners. I know I have had some serious deterioration in my flexibility since I broke my elbow, but the good news is I have some fantastic stretches for this week. The focus of this week’s […]

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  • Flexibility — Common Leg Problems

    Flexibility — Common Leg Problems

    Are you one of those people who looks like an old man when you are trying to run? To people see you on the street running and ask you if you need medical assistance? Do your legs hurt when you run or bike? Does your […]

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  • Not so Stir Crazy 1.0

    Not so Stir Crazy 1.0

    Type: Nice Easy Run to Make Sure I Still Work Distance: 5.0 miles Time: 42:25 Heart Rate: 161 bpm TSS: 68.0 Nice easy run around the neighborhood trying to make sure my legs still work. People, you would be surprised with what you can do with a […]

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  • Stir Crazy Version 1.0

    Stir Crazy Version 1.0

    Since the whole bike wreck, I have literally been going stir crazy. I took the family down to St. George to see Cats, which I think I may have missed the whole point of. I was supposed to take my bike and log some serious […]

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