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  • 01.14.10 — Recovery Swim

    01.14.10 — Recovery Swim

    Type: Recovery Swim Distance: 2,000 yards Time: I really didn’t track this one Workout: One straight set I know this sounds funny, but the Maui YMCA does not have a lap clock at the pool. It is tough to track the exact amount of time […]

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  • 01.14.10 — Easy Run

    01.14.10 — Easy Run

    Type: Nice easy run Distance: 3.0 miles Pace: 8:20 min/mile Time: 24:58 Average Heart Rate: 159 bpm Average Speed: 7.1 mph I had to get up early yet again this morning to be at the site I was evaluating. It was tough to pull my […]

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  • 01.13.10 — Easy Swim

    01.13.10 — Easy Swim

    Type: Swim Distance: 3,000 yards Time: Around 40:00 Workout: One straight set Another great workout at the Maui YMCA. I really like the facility they have here. I tried to make sure I paid attention to my catch during this workout, and I felt much […]

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  • 01.12.10 — Swim at Maui YMCA

    01.12.10 — Swim at Maui YMCA

    Type: Swim Distance: 2,500 yards Time: 40:00 Workout: 1 x 2,500 yards Another swim at the great Maui YMCA. I just got in the pool, put on my Interval from H2O Audio, and swam. I decided to not take an breaks and just swim. It […]

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  • 01.12.10 — Run in Traffic

    01.12.10 — Run in Traffic

    Type: Run Distance: 5.01 miles Pace: 8:31 min/mile Time: 42:38 Average Heart Rate: 163 bpm Average Speed: 7.0 mph Another tun in Lahaina. I didn’t need to be to work until late, so I slept in. Funny story — I actually laid down last night […]

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  • Day IV — Nothing but Relaxing…

    Day IV — Nothing but Relaxing…

    So the last day we were in Hawai’i we literally had nothing scheduled. So, for the most part, we sat by the pool and relaxed. If you know me, this can be a difficult task. Sitting still is definitely not in my skill set. But […]

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  • Day III — Ironman World Championships

    Day III — Ironman World Championships

    One of the reasons why I scheduled the training at the Maui YMCA for Friday was so that I could go to the Ironman World Championships in Kona that was being held on Saturday. Since you are here, you know how much a trip to […]

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  • Day II in Paradise

    Day II in Paradise

    So I actually had to work today! Seriously. I conducted the training I had scheduled for the Maui Family YMCA  during a portion of the day. The Project Director, Jason is a great advocate for physical activity for kids and families in the area. The […]

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  • Yes, Wailea is that cool…

    Yes, Wailea is that cool…

    So here we are in Hawai’i and I have to tell you, it is as cool as I thought it would be. We got in late last night and ended up eating dinner at Denny’s really late. It seems that even here Denny’s is the […]

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